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12 Apr 2024 by connyschneider

New publication explores the Land of Not-Unhappiness from a biomedical point of view

Eirini Klinaki and Mikolaj Ogrodnik ventured on a journey through 100 years of anti-aging research, in the pursuit of the “Land of Not-Unhappiness”. Biomedicine can achieve Not-Unhappiness by enabling a state in which disease does not destroy our lives. Happiness, they remark, will remain a personal task.

To inform of how close we are to settling in the Land of Not-Unhappiness, the authors summarize and review the achievements of research on anti-aging interventions over the last hundred years with a specific focus on strategies that slow down metabolism, compensate for aging-related losses, and target a broad range of age-related diseases. They critically evaluate the existing interventions labeled as “anti-aging,” such as calorie restriction, exercise, stem cell administration, and senolytics, to provide a down-to-earth evaluation of their current applicability in counteracting aging. Throughout the text, Klinaki and Ogrodnik have maintained a light tone to make it accessible to non-experts in biogerontology, and provide a broad overview for those considering conducting studies, research, or seeking to understand the scientific basis of anti-aging medicine.

The work has been published open-access in the Journal „Mechanisms of Ageing and Development“: In the land of not-unhappiness: On the state-of-the-art of targeting aging and age-related diseases by biomedical research

a. The publication contains illustrations by the talented Eirini Klinaki