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06 Jul 2022 by connyschneider

LBG SHOW at TERMIS-EU 2022 in Kraków

The annual congress of the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS), European Chapter, took place in Poland last week. From June 28 to July 1, the city of Kraków became the center for hundreds of researchers in the fields of cell biology, biofabrication, biomaterials, 3D tissue/organ development and related clinical applications. Several team members of LBG-SHoW attended the conference and presented results of their research.

Four eventful days in Kraków lie behind the scientists of SHoW, who successfully presented the biomedical work of the research group at this year’s TERMIS-EU: Mikolaj Ogrodnik, together with Markus Schosserer from the Medical University of Vienna, chaired a symposium on the topic of cellular senescence in tissue damage and regeneration. He also delivered a talk on the skin’s immediate and long-term responses to injury and related them to markers of senescence and regeneration.

In his talk, Tomaž Rozmarič gave insights into the characterization of cellular senescence by creating and exploring the largest sc-RNA-seq database on murine skin cells. The database collects expression profiles of the genes in these cells, which were produced using RNA sequencing.  Karla Valdivieso answered questions from numerous interested parties about her poster on the temporal and spatial relationship between cellular senescence and the healing process of the skin. Barbara Bachmann, Nadja Ring and Helene Dworak were also represented at TERMIS-EU with posters and shared their knowledge on vascularized full-thickness skin equivalents and immediate healing reactions of the skin in ex-vivo materials.

a. top: Barbara Bachmann, Mikolaj Ogrodnik, Nadja Ring, Tomaž Rozmarič,, Razieh Khoshnevisan und Helene Dworak at TERMIS-EU in Krakau; bottom: Karla Valdivieso presenting her poster