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20 Jun 2024 by Gabriel Dörner

Highlights of the “WUNDE PUNKTE” forum online

Our two-day event on June 7 and 8 at the old University of Economics in Vienna’s Althangrund district featured lectures, discussions, workshops and artistic contributions on chronic wounds and other illnesses.

The Ludwig Boltzmann Research Group on Senescence and Healing of Wounds invited patients and experts to the “WUNDE PUNKTE” forum to exchange views on improving healthcare. The focus was not only on wound healing, but also on the fundamental problems in the healthcare system.

The more than 100 participants included practitioners, patients and caregivers, who were able to gain interdisciplinary perspectives on the topic and make new contacts in the discussion rounds, workshops and an artistic program.

Detailed review
a. The “WUNDE PUNKTE” forum took place in the former Vienna University of Economics. Photo: Natali Glišić